Lists and Louis Armstrong

Lists. I always have a to-do list running through my head: milk, coffee, dog food, send that email, grade that paper, and thaw dinner, don’t hit the car in front of you… With the Holidays, it has gotten considerably longer, and with twenty people for Thanksgiving and what to do???

Driving home from work, I was running through the usual list and the new additions and then “You Go to My Head” by Louis Armstrong buzzed its way on.

I felt an immediate wash of calm as I heard the familiar horn lull me out of list making into just the music. It reminded that I needed to chill. I was back in my dad’s kitchen worried, and he would have this song on, make a toddy and tell me, “It’ll get done gal. Just relax.”

The Holiday race hasn’t even started, and I think I’ve already pulled muscles. Nope, not a way to start the season. I turned up the music and turned off the list maker in my head. Breath.

Try to do the same. Chill music and a toddy.

Thanks Dad.




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