Seriously Delish and Sweet

I am constantly amazed at all the wonderfully unique sites I stumble upon. I am also amazed at how successful and prolific many are. I discovered How Sweet it is…for people who, like, totally love food while pinning Black and White Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches.

In the realm of food, it seems there are always the sites, names and circles we know, and then there are places like How Sweet it is…for people who, like, totally love food.  (obviously it is quite known, but new to me and maybe some of you.)

With further reading, you’ll find out the site title has nothing really to do with food, but with James Taylor. Jessica Merchant who creates this site explains, “I’m seriously passionately, inexplicably in love with food. Bacon makes me beam. Chocolate makes me shout from the rooftops with joy. Vegetables and I are the best of frenemies. My perfect world would include none of them.”

Her site is packed full of food with the “Recipe Index” and “Recipe Box.” It is a clean layout with interesting text but it doesn’t come across as superfluous. I think she has a bit of polite snark going on which I find endearing. She also has daily musings listed under Crumbs. Her most recent post is “chocolate peanut butter fudge stuffed caramel apples” and she is right, they’re a thing.

What I really appreciate about his site and is the Jessica Merchant is self-taught/mom-taught and she has no formal culinary training, and as she puts it, just as many mess-ups. This approach makes it all seem doable and no sweat if you mess up.

If you find yourself wanting more, Jessica does have a cookbook out Seriously Delish with tour dates.

You can also connect with Jessica in all the usual ways:  “If your little heart desires, you can contact me – I like hearing from you. Emails can be sent to howsweeteats [at] gmail [dot] com. If you have a specific question, please see the FAQs. I try super hard to respond to every email and comment I receive, but some inevitably slip through the cracks. The best chance of me responding to you is if you leave a comment on a recent post, or ask a question on Facebook. You can ‘like’ How Sweet It Is on Facebook and follow along on Twitter. I can also be found on InstagramPinterest, FoodgawkerTastespotting, Stumbleupon and as a contributor on Tasty Kitchen.”








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