The Foodie Nose Knows

Burning leaves, brewing coffee, homemade simmering soup, baking bread, all yummy smells. I am one of those that finds an inordinate amount of comfort from smell. So many of my food connections and memories are smell. I loved the smell of coffee long before I actually enjoyed drinking it. Simmering chicken soup still brings me back to my grandmother’s kitchen, and I am immediately comforted. Of course, there are those that hate the smell of coffee and chicken cooking and adore other smells.


I hate the smell of canned tuna. I blame most of this on working at Subway in younger days. Part of prep was opening an industrial size can of tuna, putting on plastic gloves and then taking about handfuls to squeeze out the extra water before lopping in mayo.

Some people aren’t moved as much by smell, which is just as baffling to me as folks who don’t like chocolate or music. These same people who really don’t get into smell, do eat though. My husband is about the look of food. He likes on even an informal plate to have color balance and represent carbs, veggies and a protein of some form.

Where does this lead? Food is package deal. Setting, company, prep, plating, smell, all goes into our experience.

Perhaps that hole in the wall place with great food would be different if served in fancier setting–maybe the food would be just Meh. Holiday food which represents the acme of indulgence can be ruined or enhanced simply by surroundings. I’m sure there have been holiday repasts destroyed by family tensions or perhaps saved because of family love (and a bottle or two of wine)!

Eat, drink and smell!



What are your thoughts?

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