Football Food*ie

Another way to tell that fall and fall food is here *or approaching is football. This past weekend opened with the official start of the pro-football season. For some of you, “Meh.” For our household, it was a glorious and rare weekend. Both our college and professional teams won. ar125573891539811

We live in Northwest Arkansas; so finally, the Razorbacks won Saturday. Calling the hogs,, from home or stadium is necessary—win or lose. Our professional team The Philadelphia Eagles won as well. We usually host family when the Hogs play, and keep the cheering for Philly a bit more at home, but for both, food is a must. We do try to get creative because well, chips and dip can get boring and frankly, can a make a bad game worse. We have done themed food and go out to eat greasy game food, and we have done veggies which has somehow not been as satisfying for either college or pro team—win or lose.

I know folks order in/take out, AND there are sports bars galore, but here are some sites that give some football food options if you are staying in or needing to bring a dish. Well, the sites are not exclusive to football food. Each have offerings of appetizers and snacks and main dishes that can be served for the football crowd. If you are of the “Meh” group, then these are great sites to visit if you haven’t.




What are your thoughts?

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