Fair Food Frenzy

I can just smell the edge of fall here in Arkansas, or at least I think I can. With fall comes all the wonders of fall food. The crock pot concoctions and holiday food alone is a foodie woncarnival-ride-festival-fair-hot-dog-stand-street-food-corn-dogderland.
State and County Fairs have started which heralds the beginning of indulgence.Well, maybe I should refrain from officially calling Fair food-food, and maybe go with Fair fill-your-belly-at-the-risk-of-heart-colon-arteries-health….Unless you are young or have a tolerant tummy.
I read an article by Kat Robinson about Arkansas State Fair food, “20 of the Best New Eats at the Arkansas State Fair.” Although it is from 2013, I can’t imagine that deep-fried gets more healthy with time.The photos and descriptions took me back to younger and carefree time of indulgence.

“In addition to the avocados, Pop Tarts, Klondike Bars, Jell-O, and more served up battered and deep-fried at this year’s fair, you’ll also discover several types of fried pickles, burger varieties, and more turkey legs than you can shake, well, a turkey leg at.”

Now, there weren’t as many deep-fried items when I went to Fairs when I was young, but I used to be able to eat fried food and then ride a roller coaster, NO problem. Now doing either evokes the wrath my tummy.

I am not deterred. I will still look forward to fall and all of its food. The pictures alone are worth a gander and maybe, maybe, I’ll nibble on the pickles and funnel cakes with a Tum’s chaser.


What are your thoughts?

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