Busy Country Cookin

I have been Pinning from this site quite a bit and finally took the time to check out the entire layout. My ADD kicked in with all of the ads and there are lots of ads which I imagine is a good thing, but I powered through my, “Oh, Look. Something shiny” mode and found some great recipes that are sooo practical. measurements-recipe-box

The Country Cook: “Home cookin for Today’s busy cook” calls out to be read.  http://www.thecountrycook.net/ The Country Cook behind all this is Brandie who is a busy wife and mother who wants (like many of us) to still have a good meal on the table even with all the business.

The recipes I found were user friendly and many comments were from, “I’m not a cook, but…I can do this.”

The categories are the basics: The recipe list is just that: from appetizers, bread, all the way to main meals and a great list for the slow cooker (Such a fan of the slow cooker.) Lots and lots of recipes to tap into. The recipes are well laid out with photos of what she uses. They are all products found even the remote places (like Arkansas, thank you).

The recipe box is a place where you can search for recipes and see the top trending recipes from the site. You can save the recipe and create a shopping list. A pretty savvy set up. Now, you will have to log-in or sign-up to use this feature. A busy mom who wants to plan online would really love this site. It is practical and no nonsense, but with the friendliness of a home kitchen.

Now the Dessert section is pretty lengthy, and so much looks really good. I suggest giving yourself time to really take a tour on all the lists.











What are your thoughts?

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