Happy Travel Tummy

I do love to travel and try new foods, but my stomach does not appreciate this concept as much as my head and heart.  Not getting too personal, but I have a bad tummy for travel. I don’t even mean that exotic travel like can’t drink the water bad stomachhome-image or strange critter eating bad stomach. This is just flying to Utah, or Seattle and even Israel—not food exotic.

My tummy is the temperamental child that throws the loud and uncomfortable tantrum. As the parent, I calm and try to console the bugger, “Look, I promise, only a little wine and lots of water and a little bread. I won’t make you digest anything too horrible.” GRRRRRRR.

Finally, I eat Dramamine and sip a Ginger Ale. Peace for now.

So what is a Foodie to do with a Diva stomach but a need to eat and a desire to enjoy the local cuisine?  Well, I’m sure the well-worn travelers have their tricks and practices that works for them. I must do what works for when my tummy turns Diva. This usually happens a day or so into travel.

Water, water, and more water. Water even as you want to drink alcohol (most say to avoid but I am not that disciplined). This helped my stomach calm its gurgles, but it also was more than a little useful and helped me through a day of walking. And as I walked, more water.

Food planner: If possible, plan it out. Simply, if I know that we are going to indulge in a lunch or a nice restaurant that night, then I try to gauge that for my meals. NOW, I don’t mean this as a weight loss or calorie counter type of thing.  My angry Diva tummy needs time to enjoy and digest. Traveling and loading down on food isn’t going to work for me.  Even if the hotel provides a breakfast spread that is included, you don’t have to try it all. YOGURT every morning while traveling is a must for the Diva tummy.

The Fast: Okay so obviously this isn’t for everyone, and it certainly depends on the level of activity you are doing. For this girl’s tummy, after almost two weeks of travel, a half day or full day fast was necessary.  It was planned around a museum visit, and I drank water and enjoyed a fruit smoothie, but solid food wasn’t for me until that evening and then I didn’t overdo. Again, not a calorie thing at all!

Exercise: If your trip isn’t already filled with physical activity, then movement will help. Curling up in a fetal position feels good sometimes, but not all that helpful for tum-tums.

Sleep: Last but not least. Rest the tummy.  I know, trips with family or friends is spending time and is go, go, and go, and sleep is last on the list.  A good night’s sleep makes for happy digestion and probably a happy person.

Staples: Water, Yogurt, Zantac, Dramamine, and Ginger Ale.

This is only one perspective of dealing with the travel tummy. As a foodie, I wanted to enjoy the food we ate not only as I ate it, but after as well.  Of course, the more we travel, the more we find out what works best for our digestive systems. I for one do not mind taking some extra care for the Diva tummy, so I may enjoy the flavors of traveling.





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