The South–not just for Banjos

I had to share. Our little part of the world actually made the “100 Best Restaurants in the South” list. When you consider Bentonville, Arkansas, “places to eat” and” best in the South” aren’t what come to mind. Usually, Wal-Mart or Tyson…Crystal Bridges is slowly making its way into the list.  So it is nice to make the list outside of retailers and chicken.


“Foodies, check it out! Bentonville restaurant The Hive at 21c Museum Hotel  made Southern Living’s “100 Best Restaurants in the South” list! Culinary creativity abounds as The Hive’s Chef Matthew McClure treats guests to refined country cooking that pays homage to the High South using local and regional ingredients like black walnuts, freshly milled corn meal, hickory smoked hams, peaches, melons and sweet onions. Are you hungry yet?” (From Arkansas tourism)

While we are talking about good restaurants in NWA, I need to address a restaurant that I have been to: James at the Mill.  I have been only twice because it is expensive and for my family, it is a special treat and celebration restaurant.  There is a tasting menu, dinner, and dessert menu all are luscious and have wonderful preparations.

So if by chance someone is all the way in Northwest Arkansas, Bentonville area. You won’t necessarily hear banjos, but enjoy some culture and good eating.



What are your thoughts?

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