Signs of Food on Fifth

Finding Food on Fifth was like finding an elegant and homey place that you almost feel out-of-place, but the folks are just so nice that you decide to stay.;  I thought when I started following Food on Fifth that I was too far south to enjoy or appreciate, or that maybe it was probably just out of my league. Well, perhaps on some levels it is, but Teresa Blackburn’s blog and site makes you feel like you’ll be just fine if you stay.

The photo in the about section says it all: A picture of a modern kitchen with wood floors and great appliances, but cozy (size and decoration).  A sign is posted under the microwave: “You Can’t Eat Money.”

The layout of the site seems to fit the picture of the kitchen; it is open and friendly. The centered-ness of the tone is reflected in the centered photos and text. The photos are crisp, and the food really does need to manifest somehow on my screen into some real food.

Ms. Blackburn describes her blog, “This is my kitchen on Fifth Avenue North…it is small and I love it. Here is where I cook, experiment, test, invent, make mistakes and conjure up edibles & drinkables for my blog.” …“I am interested in combining classic Southern ingredients with ingredients from afar to come up with dishes that are comforting, sometimes edgy, that always look appealing and that an experienced or novice cook can tackle.”

The recipe that I recently viewed was for Vanilla Bean-Pear Ice Cream.  What captures the last ounce of summer but homemade ice cream?  The recipe is laid out with the stunning photos and personal precise and engaging text.

The recipes range from the unique to those with a kitchen disability like me can overcome.

One of her blogs, “Just Biscuits and my writing process blog tour” gives a recipe for biscuits, recommended blogs and Ms. Blackburn’s own writing process.   This captures so much of what I really enjoy about this blog.

Do stop in at Food on Fifth.





One thought on “Signs of Food on Fifth”

  1. Well for heaven’s sake RGSpalter you have just made my day! I do believe this is just so great…all the nice things you said about my blog, Food on Fifth, and about how much you enjoy visiting. I so appreciate your kind words and look forward to becoming a fellow blogging food friend and follower of your blog.
    Thank you.


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