Dining Around Israel

I don’t know if I will ever fully recover from our recent trip to Israel, and I don’t mean the time change.  It was a life changing trip and 4,000 years of history is not easily absorbed.  I have been in another place, time and culture for two great weeks. Now that I am down from the mountain top, and reality of laundry and laundry sinks in, I can ponder on the many sites and the many great places we ate.

I am well aware of the conflicts that are going on and we saw and heard much while we were traveling. We never felt like we were in danger. My family is quite tied to Israel and deal with many issues everyday. So I am not meaning to be trite or brush over what is happening. I do feel for this time and place, food will be the focus.

We were blessed indeed to have a guide that I am sure is the best guide ever, Ido Heruty ( Having someone know the area since he was a little boy is fascinating. He raised five kids there and has so many stories not only from his life but from all those he has toured, and they told him their stories.

We experienced so many great places to eat from cheap to fine dining.

Just a few of the highlights: Israeli breakfast absolutely spoiled me.  All of the fresh fruit and veggies with breads and cheese. The Dan Boutique provided the best breakfast and had a wonderful Shabbat dinner.olive

The Olive and Fish in Jerusalem-My camera wasn’t working, but the Israeli wine from the Golan Valley with homemade soup and breads was a wonderful introduction. Obviously, fish and olives were also apart of the menu. Small with a vibrant energyexterior

Rutenbergs a small war torn place in the Golan valley that looks are definitely deceiving, as small as it looks with bathrooms in a separate building….hmm that can’t be good right. Well, a menu that contains chef preparations and excellent service. This was a just a lunch stop. Ido said he thought it was the best restaurant in Israel, and he may be right.  Be careful if you drive at night because of the wild boars and dessert was a frozen crème Brule with a berry sauce…DSC00245DSC00241

We also stopped a place that specialized in yes, fish—trout. Dag Al Haden. Smoked, grilled, baked—all good. The Mediterranean bread and salads almost made getting a main dish impossible. So worth it.DSC00314DSC00312

We also stopped for lunch at Barburs. A Mediterranean restaurant in the Galilee valley that we stuck only with the bread and salads so much food—all paired with fresh pomegranate juice.

We ate Falafels on a hilltop restaurant in the old city with view of the dome of the rock. We also dined at a restaurant called the courtyard in English. By this time, I had severe traveler’s stomach, so once I spotted sweetbreads, I stuck with the bread and salads which proved enough.

We traveled well and ate well. My husband and I came back ready to eat Israeli salad and fish as a diet. Now, Arkansas has its limitations with fish and fresh veggies and fruit. Thankfully, the summer brings farmers markets which helps a great deal. My tomato plant is still thriving as well. Once fall and winter comes….

This only scratches the surface of all the wonderful food available in Israel. My in-laws said there are great Chinese places. Two weeks only scratches the surface of such a place as Israel.







What are your thoughts?

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