Rumford Common Sense Cook Book

The Rumford Baking Powder Common Sense Cook Book is another vintage cook book that I keep around. The cook book is compiled by Lily Haxworth Wallace (writer, teacher, and lecturer on Domestic science).  There wasn’t publication date printed anywhere on the book, but found 1940 listed via Amazon and other places suggest 1950.

Of course the whole of the cookbook is how to use Rumford baking powder in most of the recipes—even the merumford-common-sense-cook-bookat
sauce. There are fun sections of “Baking by temperatures” and “terms and processes used in Cookery”.  Macedoine-mixture of vegetables or fruits molded in jelly. I didn’t know this as the official term, but I have had plenty of this put before me at both of my grandmother’s homes. Usually, there was both fruit and vegetables in jelly.

As with many of the retro books, there are recipes that I will love to try, especially the baking and there is even a Spanish meatloaf that looks more than yummy. Again there are others like the Meat Souffle that I am not as excited about.

This small book has illustrations. Oh yes. There is a diagram of a Table laid for Semi-formal Dinner for 6 and it even provides a menu which does include a mint jelly.  All of the silverware and plates are labeled what and where to go.

There are Charts showing the various cuts of beef and of lamb. Two large carcasses show the cuts and then smaller pictures surround.

The very back page is a list of school lunch suggestions: “boys like plain folding lunch boxes, girls prefer daintiness of equipment. Pack varieties of sandwiches separately; provide half a pint thermos jars for cocoa or milk; jellies and fruit may be packed in screw cap jars; a few salted nuts, good candies or home-made pickles always find favor-always try to provide some unexpected dainty. Sandwiches, of course, are the standby but must be varied.”

Some examples: Diced seasoned meat

Cream cheese with chopped nuts, raisins, mined celery, minced olives and pickle

Mashed baked beans with mayonnaise or chill sauce

Sardines, tuna fish or salmon with plenty of lemon juice

Enjoy kids!








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