Macho Cooking

In true bandwagon form, I must honor Father’s Day.  I found a wonderful niche cookbook at an estate sale in 07: The Manly Art of Macho Cookery: Food for Real Men by Chef Peter Harman—who is also known as The Food Guru. The front cover states: “Wimps, Sissies and Girliemen put this book down and slowly back away”:…which anyone knows is a triple dog dare to pick up.

I gave this to my dad for Father’s Day and after his death, found its way back to me. My dad told me that he had tried a few o20140612_081114f the recipes, and found that it wasn’t just joke cookbook. It has great recipes and with practical advice for cooking and of course—it was fun.

Chef Harman explains in the “How to Use” section that the book was created as a teaching tool. “The Food Guru” chapter has lots of basic tips and the recipes have cooking tips that are helpful. There are dos and don’ts and “The Let’s Get Drunk & Chew” chapter has drink recipes along with the food recipes.

Chapters include: Sauce 101, Chicken Lips Rule, Food to Bond by, You kill it then Grill it, Something Dead on Bread, and Salads and Shrubbery. “Bring me a shrubbery!”

The book is printed on thick paper paper and has large clear text. It is heavy and as Chef Harman explains, “the cover is made of super indestructible material that makes the book handy for swatting flies or pounding out chicken breast.”  My dad nor I tried this, but it does feel like it could.

Chef Harman has a website: with the moniker “become a great cook in 90 seconds,” which is beneficial for an aspiring cook like myself. This site has food videos, recipes, FG wisdom all of which are not direct reflections of the Macho Cookery cookbook.

I went to the site with completely biased expectations of it being as filled with as much personality as the cookbook which is unfair because the cookbook is so great. For me, this cookbook reminds me of my dad and how cool he thought this book was. The signed copy I now have has Chef Harman’s signature inscribed to Chuck, and the other signature is my dad’s marking who it was from and the date. From: Glo

Happy Father’s Day dad—miss you always.



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