Damn Delicious Recipes

I still have a recipe box. An old fashioned box with mostly handwritten recipes, and there are some that are pasted from magazines and some from the internet. Now of course, we gather lots of recipes via a blog or Pinterest. Damn Delicious has been one of my go to places for food pins on Pinterest for a while. I would see a dish and think “got to pin that” and then I would look after pinning and see Damn Delicious.

This site is like a virtual Recipe Box.  This is a well-known website from all the press, so it really isn’t any discovery. The creator of the site, Chung-Ah has built a nice business site that is really straight forward. Nothing exotic, but lots of recipes with sponsorships no less.  http://damndelicious.net/

As always, I go to the About section to find the real heart behind the food:

“I’m Chung-Ah and welcome to Damn Delicious! I initially created this blog in 2011 to organize my favorite recipes but it has blossomed into something that has become a huge part of my life. I’ve met such amazing foodies, connected with readers all over the world, and have conquered many culinary feats in my closet-sized kitchen.”

I love many of the recipes and have a list to try because many are something I feel I can conquer in my own small kitchen with basic supplies.  Chung-Ah goes on to explain that she has never received any formal training, but like many folks, loves the journey of cooking discovering and trying out recipes and then making them her own.

She has all the bells and whistles of food sites and blogs. Recipe Index with loads of categories and the layout is pretty much large pictures with short narrative.  It is all straight forward and practical. The food is the focus. The recipe follows below with ingredients and the process.

My favorite-favorite part was the Recipe Box (surprise): The Recipes category is a collected list of Food Network, All recipes, Food.com, Ziplist and Fine Cooking with search list of ingredients, cook time, stars and number of people served. This was a really nice find because you can do a search for a variety of recipes. A very savvy built in recipe box if you will.  http://damndelicious.ziplist.com/recipes/search?filters%5Bhas_photo%5D=1&sort=most_popular

Also, Chung-Ah has Grocery Deals which is a list of coupons, and a My List which is a meal planner to sign up for. This is go to sight for tonight’s meal.  You will be able to find something from Chung-Ah’s varied collection, or you can venture beyond from her site as well with Recipe Box.

Look there are food sites which are a bit like Vogue. I know that I will never afford the look on the page nor will I look that way, but it is art and nice to read and look at. There are other food sites say like Woman’s Day which I know I can afford the ingredients, and I will get a set of tools to use. I go to Damn Delicious because it is Damn Delicious and something I don’t feel intimidated by and as Chung-Ah explains:

“Come join me in my culinary adventures where we’ll be using simple, fresh ingredients, and transforming them into sophisticated and elegant meals for the everyday home cook.”



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