Cottage+Seattle+Yum+ “Nothing compares to gathering around the kitchen table with my family and friends over dinner.” = Cottage Grove House.

I enjoy the About sections of so many of these wonderful blogs because I for one live vicariously (cook vicariously?) through each of them. It takes time to gather and cook natural ingredients and because I open far more cans than need be, I like the idea that someone is trying not to.
On Cottage Grove House’s About section: “Almost everything I cook is simple, not fancy. My common practice is to use ingredients in their simplest, natural state. I try not to open cans, completely avoid preservatives and always choose humanely raised meat, poultry and sustainable fish.”

I have followed this blog for only a bit, but find it delightful. Family, friends and fresh ingredients can’t be a bad combination. The first recipe I found was the mac and cheese, but with more exploration, I found myself traveling through all the recipes.

The most recent is “birdie in the basket,” and I’m sure people have made these and the mac and cheese, but as always, I enjoy the narrative that can bring you in or make you click down as fast as possible for the recipe (which I do a lot). I like the journey Cottage Grove House takes you on. It is laid back:  “Every evening we gather around our table to sit down, share a meal together and nourish ourselves. This tradition has become such a valued part of our lives. The conversation flows naturally and we are able to slow down and breathe. And gathering around the table on the weekends for breakfast, unhurried and fresh, is a different sort of gathering altogether. A perfect start to a day of chores, leisure and a nice bike ride.”  And now the recipe with the list of ingredients and the process –which is credited to Better Homes and Garden. This site owns that recipes are adapted or come from other places. The photos are lovely and don’t take up a whole page so the text and photos are balanced.

Home/Kitchen is where all the new feeds go and Recipes gives you the opportunity to browse: Starters, Main Dishes, Soup, Pasta, Salads, Side Dishes, Breakfast, and Desserts. I was also drawn to the Honey Cake recipe and even though it has lemon, it sounds like a slice of spring. Of course, they have fresh rosemary to garnish the cake with, I don’t unless I buy it, BUT I shall not be deterred.

I invite you to Cottage Grove House. I think you will enjoy your visit.




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