Chocolate Elvis Cake Love

Two things that I can’t escape the older I get: Chocolate and Elvis. This is the confession of chocoholic Elvis fan.

I have already chronicled my devotion to chocolate, but my following of Elvis is a little more obscure. I admit it is something that I have tried to hide and deny for many years. Both of my parents loved Elvis, my dad in his grumpy way, and my mom in her fanatical way. I eatingepway2was born in West Memphis, and as the story goes, my parents went to gaze at Graceland’s blue Christmas lights when mom was 7 months pregnant with me.  I grew up with ALL of Elvis’s music: gospel, Christmas, and country—and films can’t forget about those films.  I remember Mom let me stay up late and watch the concert of Elvis from Hawaii. She sat cross-legged on the bed singing with every song and crying.

I didn’t stand a chance. My path was tied to Elvis, so I come by it honestly.  It reminds me of my parents when they were young and in love.

“Meet your new king,

chocolate Elvis cake”

SO…..when I saw Gourmandistan’s post “Meet your new king, chocolate Elvis cake” there was no other path or post for me to follow this week. I am so glad that I followed my tummy and my heart. Gourmandistan is: “A land where food and the people involved in bringing it to a plate are celebrated. Its people enjoy discovering, procuring and preparing food almost as much as they enjoy eating it. Those entering Gourmandistan should be prepared to endure tales of farmers, farm shares, fancy and not so fancy restaurants and features of a good kitchen—as well as recipes, amateur food porn and scathing contempt for industrial “food.”  Gourmandistan is created by Steve and Michelle who live in Kentucky where they create wonderful food and live with their chickens and cats.

This is a must try recipe because it looks crazy delicious. For me this is not quick fix cake—3 layer 8-inch cake with peanut butter filling, chocolate frosting, and Salty Peanut Brittle to make. The steps and ingredients are laid out nicely, and I am looking forward to trying my very best to make this cake happen. I may have to buy more pie pans, but I am willing.

I will play Elvis music as I try to pull the ingredients together to make it look somewhat like the lovely photos. I will think of my parents and wish I could share the cake with them, but I guess in way I will be.




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