What is your Foodie*ism?




My foodie*ism is really a movement against a movement. Somewhere along the way the term gained a really stuck up connotation. Looking at the meanings, it seems it is up the person to define their own foodie*ism. Perhaps you are a home cook Foodie, why not? So you may not formally seat 12 folks and have some archaic wine that goes with the food. So what? OR maybe you do.

This is an adventure to discover each person’s take on their Foodie*ism. It may be Soul Food, vegan, bbq or how to cook for one or two or a hoard. Each has its worth.

Foodie*ism is my trying to redefine it as something way more practical and personal and much less snobby or esoteric. My foodie*ism happens to be centered on not so much the cost or obscurity of the food but the overall experience. This experience is not a set of regulations. I think that each food experience has the potential for foodie*ism–yes even the bad experiences because that’s life.

Foodie*ism past and present:

One of my favorite experiences was going to my dad’s for dinner after a day of teaching. One night a week, I would show up at his small apartment, and he would have Dave Brubeck (or some other jazz) playing. The smell of the food would already fill the apartment. Dad would fix me a vodka tonic with a large piece of lime and then freshen up his drink. He would announce a new recipe he was trying tonight–Stuffed Green Peppers. I would sit at his table in the kitchen, and we would talk about what I taught in class, or the tamales his neighbors brought to him last night. He would be putting the finishing touches on salad, side dishes and then tell me to go look at the new duck he found today at Helping Hands.

Dad served up the plates, and then as we ate he would tell me where he found the recipe and what he put in it. The peppers were stuffed with a ground beef and rice mixture. Dad served a fresh avocado with the peppers. He would give his evaluation and what he would try next time. This time, I thought the stuffed peppers were wonderful. Dad wanted them to be spicier. With empty plates, we would continue to chat about family, politics or fishing. Dessert was my dad’s homemade Key Lime Pie. He would complain that the meringue didn’t come out the way he wanted which I found amusing because my dad was a Marine.

I would try to help clean up and dad would say no, and I would still help. He would send home a leftover or two. And we would talk later but plan on next week.  I have this memory of my dad and his cooking. All mine.

This is part of my practice of foodie*ism.

What is yours?


The parts redefined:

Foodie: a person who has an ardent interest in food and alcoholic beverages. Seeks food experiences however they damn well please. Ism: distinctive alterable practice, a movement.

The parts as originally defined:

Foodie: is a gourmet or person who has an ardent or refined interest in food and alcoholic beverages. Foodie seeks new food experiences as a hobby rather than simply out of convenience or hunger. Foodies are a distinct hobbyist group.

Ism: a distinctive practice, system, or philosophy typically political ideology or artistic movement. (Definitions complements of Google search)





What are your thoughts?

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