One Girl Eats Well



miya-innocent-cat-plateLanding on a food topic this week was actually more difficult than I thought it would be. I mulled over the holidays of Easter and Passover which are both rich in food, family, and celebration. But after a late night of eating and celebrating Passover and the prospect of Easter food coming up as well (Interfaith family), I found myself falling into the my old single girl mindset of wanting a nice bowl of cereal, or maybe cheese and crackers and some wine—that’s it.

Perhaps it was my overstuffed belly and feeling the loss of my dad that I found Poor Girl Eats Well: How to eat ridiculously well on a minuscule budget. Kimberly A. Morales creator of this wonderful site and “patron saint of cats” has put together her how-to for the thrifty single eater. It is packed full with recipes, videos, and information. This is not a skim through to get material type of site. I found the information good, but Miss Kimberly is a writer and has quite a bit of narration that goes with her recipes. This could be off-putting, but don’t let that get you off track from the recipes which are straightforward.

IF you do take your time and read through, then you will find the heart. Miss Kimberly’s writing and sorting  through the loss of her father loss is moving. You will find out much about her as she does indeed take you on a journey through her food and life.

The recipe I stumbled upon was Quinoa, Egg & Veggie Breakfast Bites. (.65 cents per serving!) The price per serving with every recipe is useful to the single gal, but it isn’t lost on anyone who is feeding a family either.

She has a great selection of categories to choose from food wise: Bare Bones, Breakfast, Desserts, Meats & Poultry, Pasta and Rice, Quinoa & Other Grains, Salads, Sandwiches, Seafood and Fish, Soups & Stews and …Vegetarian. The tab “The $25 Shopping Cart” anyone can also benefit from.

I DO have to compliment Miss Kimberly for having such a wonderful variety of food dishes. I was not such an aspiring cook as a single gal and wish I had been especially with such delicious and easy recipes to follow.
Shout outs to other Single Blogs: I know there are many-many more. I tried to keep those in mind that had recent posts.

AND…plus one:



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