Soul Food Searching



One of the goals I had when I started writing Foodie*ism was not only the writing itself, but I love the stories behind some of the blogs and sites I find.   I’ll find several recipes I want to try, but then I read the About section and find such interesting folk with wonderful stories who convey them in food. I am no great cook, and I would be no positive addition to creating or presenting recipes, but I am a foodie and love tasting and trying lots of dishes and discovering unique food blogs and the people who create them.

I want to share things that are inspiring to me and hopefully they will in turn inspire others. So much negative sharing goes on, so my goal is positive sharing. With all this blah, blah, blah, onto the focus of this Foodie*ism:  A Dash of Soul

Southern Soul food is part of how I grew up, so I love venturing into old and new recipes. I love me some comfort food and mac and cheese is my weakness and finding this was sweetness!   I discovered the Greek Yogurt Macaroni and Cheese and a great site filled with food and family.

Dash of Soul is the creation Miss Lauren, “My name is Lauren and I’m a 25 year old wife, J.D., dog mommy, and foodie living in Atlanta. I’m in love with New Southern cuisine and I always cook with a dash of soul!” She also shares the story of how she met her husband, “both having come to the same school to pursue our common nerdly interests in Tolkien scholarship and medieval literature.” I love that she includes the whole family: Meet My family which only adds to enjoyment of the site with photos of siblings, in-laws, and puppy. I agree with Miss Lauren “family is everything.”  To me, her website is like a big family reunion and with all these great dishes  and “a dash of soul.” I expect someone to come up and tell me to grab a plate and a chair which would be followed by great fellowship.

Now to the food listed under Recipes and Soul Food. Under recipes: Breads, Salads, Starters, Entrees, Sides, Desserts, and Condiments. I like how the dishes are presented with photos and not just a list.  Again, I am a lay-out freak, so I really do appreciate the clean and straightforward layout Miss Lauren has adopted.

I encourage folks to take a look and not judge the A Dash of Soul as immediately unhealthy or that visiting the site will someone raise cholesterol. I think Miss Lauren explains it best, so I will use her words to give you a peek into A Dash of Soul:

“I want to share a quote that I read online recently that really struck me. The author wrote that “Southerners savor their comfort food– they seem like they refuse to fret about the impact it’ll have on their physique or their health. This philosophy, of course, may have its downsides. But it’s also a comforting reminder to the quinoa-munching, juice-cleansing, yuppie rest of the nation that it’s okay to follow our taste buds.” The article is definitely supposed to be comedic, but I took it a little more seriously when I read it. It’s SAD that the rest of the country assumes we don’t care about our health, and it’s even more sad that people equate comfort food with food that will make you obese and kill you. I could write a novel in response to that quote (if you think the south has no yuppies then you haven’t been to Atlanta), but instead I will just say that you can have your cake mac and cheese and eat it too. I may refuse to “fret” but I also refuse to stop enjoying my favorite foods just because I value my health! A dish doesn’t have to contain a week’s worth of saturated fat in order to be delicious. *steps off soapbox*”

Take the time for some soul searching and enjoy. Come-on, you know you would like some grits.



What are your thoughts?

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