Eureka Mud St. Café


Spring is trying its best to break through winter’s nasty little grip. This past Sunday, it did for a day anyway, so a part of my spring ritual is traveling up the road for a day at Eureka Springs, AR with my hubby.

Part of our Eureka journey is getting to Mud St. Café for breakfast. Mud St. Café is an underground café with eclectic paintings decorating the walls and wonderful food on the plate. The history of Eureka I find fascinating, and Mud St. Café is no exception: “The building was built in 1888, and at that time are in what the locals call “Underground Eureka”. When it was built, it was street level. There is a spring that runs underneath the building that in the late 1800’s kept flooding the street, thus the name “Mud Street”. The street has since been built up, putting our level down a flight of stairs. We have wonderful old limestone walls, large wooden beams, and stained glass lighting. The centerpiece of our dining room is a turn of the century oak bar with beveled mirrors. We have wonderful local art on our walls, oak tables and chairs, Victorian carpet and a cozy sitting area with magazines and newspapers.”

(I am breaking my own sense of blog order rules and putting pictures in between the text. I’m sorry)

92207_Eureka_Springs_Mud_Street_caf                                                          mudst
IF we don’t rouse and arrive until lunch no problem, but the breakfast as with most of the food is divine. One of my favorites is the Granola. Don’t let the plain Jane name fool you. A plate filled with luscious fruit is brought out with yogurt and granola. But the fruit is not just slammed on the plate, but artistically arranged and cut. Yums. My husband loves the Greek omelet.

As a respectable southern establishment, it does have a Veggie Grits dish that breaks the usual grits routine. And as a chocoholic, I must put in for their pies, cakes and muffins AND coffee. The website gives lots of great information about the food and even a few recipes.  A great underground nook that is a must if someone is out and about in Northwest Arkansas.


Now, our day rambles through a few of our favorite shops: Romancing the Stone and Crazy Bones (Along with the outlet up the street). Another little place we like is the Eureka Garden Bistro which is our go to for diner. But that is another blog for another day.


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