Something for Nothing


Nothing Found is an eclectic blog. Maisa’s blog mixes her two passions of food and literature, “There may be food flops and poetic blunders.” I found wonderful recipes and glimpses of a life being lived.  I like that pans have burnt marks and that a cat paws at a cherry.

I first must confess and own my bias to format. I am quite weird about the layout of things; I think it is a bit of OCD and has nothing to do with bad format.  I like all my words and stories together and pictures together or off the side. I know- not what the blog world is about. Now having said this, I fought my urge to stop reading because Nothing Found has lots of photos mixed with text, BUT they are great photos and the words that fill the space between are not just “do this or that,” but a wonderful narrative and some nice snark.

I latched onto “Cinnamon Brown Sugar Homemade Doughnuts.” It doesn’t start with any traditional, “Here is my recipe.” “Oh” no. It starts with a bit of angst and “Pass the wine” which I am always on board for. Then below is a photo of a plate of doughnuts which look like “drunken mess doughnuts.” I appreciate this because memories and food aren’t made photo ready. What follows are pictures of friends in a kitchen making doughnuts and twerking. I like that photos have pots, pans, doughnuts, and cans of Pabst Blue Ribbon.   The mood of this particular entry is captured by the last quote:

“I don’t care if you make these donuts or not, to be honest. It’s got nothing to do with what you make. I was just so so happy that amongst being our nonsensical 20-Something selves and having to catch up on all of that, we could still sit, relax and just settle into it. Settle into staying in, rolling out dough in between beer shots. Settle into being apart for so long and it being OK.”

NOW, there are not just drunken doughnut nights to this blog. There are indeed some great recipes, vegan included. The spicy Lentil Fritters with Radish Yogurt Sauce sounds divine. And as you’ll see from the March 2 post—Maisa made it into Gastropost “A couple of weeks ago Rebecca from the Gastropost section found one of my food pics on Instagram and said she wanted to share it. I started Tweeting and Instagraming my recipes with the hashtag #gastropost.”

The blog is far hipper than I am, but that is most of the world. I enjoy getting to read great recipes and a life that is lived with flair.  “St. Patty’s Charm” from March 10 is fun, and I found things that I can use to at least appear hip to my inner circle.

You will be able to follow Maisa in all the usual places–

I suggest you do because I think you will go back for seconds. I will.


What are your thoughts?

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