Cheers to Chocolate Confessions


As I have written before, I am a Chocoholic. So it isn’t surprising that Chocolate Wasted: Confessions of a Chocoholic completely appealed to me.  I have been following this blog, but needed to just stop and take the time to indulge.

I clicked on the Chocolate Flavored Alcohols—Double Chocolate Vodka—yum and browsed for some great recipes. Samantha Saunion, Sam, the creator of Chocolate Wasted, confesses in her About section that maybe one day she will move Belgium and live in a house made entirely out of chocolate, but “until then, I’m just a girl in the big city trying to figure it all out, one chocolate footprint at a time.” Nice.

March so far has chocolate flavored alcohol and Toffee-Banana Brownies.  I like simple but good recipes and this one is just that. She is right-“damn good.”

The Categories section goes into the chocolate deep end of the pool if you will with: Around the Word in Chocolate, Chocolate Connoisseurs, Chocolately Events, Recipes for the Chocoholic, and Sweet Treats.

Lots of indulgences for a chocoholic but plenty for the more temperate chocolate lovers as well.


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