Dessert for Two: Too Good


Love, love and so love this site, Dessert for Two.  Don’t let it scare you that it  may be a for couples only thing and it is filled with mushy-gushy couples only stuff. Dessert for Two is a practical and well-written site that makes cooking for two folks great.  The layout is inviting and helpful and Miss Christina is kind enough to provide a drink section for two as well as a great selection of desserts, breakfast, dinners, and even candy.

Personally, I would have liked this site as a single person because cooking for one can be just as tricky. I was pretty sick of everyone saying, just freeze it. If I had frozen half of what everyone said, I would still be eating stews, casseroles and chili. Who wants days, months or years of that down the road? Exactly.

So back to this gem of a site, I guess I am just drawn to Southern cooks and sites. I think it is the straightforward style of many.  There is a no-nonsense approach that is honest but still strives for delicious food.  In the About section, Miss Christina introduces herself and her “Mr. Dessert for two.”

She lets you know that she isn’t a professionally trained cook but grew up around food and her aunt’s restaurant.  She saw a problem with trying to cook for two and not eight and decided to solve it.  I am also impressed that she has her Master’s in horticulture and agronomy and her vision is not only to provide recipes for the two but on the side feed the world’s growing population. Not bad for a day’s work.

Her approach to presenting her recipes is also straightforward. I personally like her writing style which is not pretentious and gives a nice “how do” and here’s my recipe. The Tin Roof Cheesecake looks like heaven AND you will make only enough either to share with one, OR not to share and perhaps feel only half guilty-perhaps.

Ms. Christina shares her list of kitchen tools as well which is pretty important if you are baking only for two. She has provided an Amazon Store. Her list of small bake ware is a good checklist and items aren’t difficult to find.

I think most will appreciate the site more once they visit. I clicked on the FAQ where there is a lot of useful information. It is more personal, so if that isn’t what you like just click on the other parts. I especially liked the section under Any Other Advice.  All well said.

Here are the many ways to reach Dessert for Two and Christina:

“Want more of me?

You can find me on Facebook, TwitterTastespotting, Foodgawker, TasteologiePinterest, and Instagram.

I contribute to Nosh On.It, Food Fanatic, and All Free Casserole

I periodically write for Huffington Post as well.

Have a question?  Try my FAQ page, or shoot me an email using my contact form.”


One thought on “Dessert for Two: Too Good”

  1. Wow, hello! This is so kind of you to write. Thank you SO much for this. You just made my day.

    I, too, used to have a freezer full of half-eaten meals. I was really bad at labeling them, so it was always a surprise when I defrosted a package, haha.

    Thanks so much again for all of your kind words.

    Happy baking,


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