Boo Valentine’s Day–Yeah Chocolate!


I have always hated Valentine’s Day. I hated when I was single. I hated when I was dating. I have some peace with it now that I am married, but I still hate the selling of the day. I find it a huge pain in the bottom. Gestures always seem canned and insincere on both sides.

I think perhaps I am a skeptic because I see fellow ladies receive a dozen roses and a bouquet of balloons and a stuffed critter of some sort. They swoon and talk for the next few days about the romance and how sweet their guy is.  Then about two weeks later, they come crashing back to earth and the dude is a jerk….again.   They can be as bad as the guys comparing the sizes— or cost of their valentine gifts to others, “She only got a card.”  Tsk.

I guess the best thing that can be a perk on V-day is the food or should I say the CHOCOLATE  It has been my forever friend on many a Valentine’s Day.  Chocolate is never insincere (it can be canned but not in a bad way). Chocolate will celebrate or commiserate with me. It is no respecter of holiday or dating status. It is not judgmental. It can sooth a broken heart or make a happy heart more so. I am a chocolate fan though, so for those who are not, indulge and be good to yourself anyway. Everyday!

Here is a link to 12 life changing Chocolate Cakes:


What are your thoughts?

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