A world of chocolate blogs exists, and if you are a chocoholic, then this invites endless recipes and pleasures. Whole blogs dedicated to chocolate…Homer Simpson drool here.

My own chocolate love affair began when I was quite young. I was a chocolate milk fiend. The Quik tin can was must have each week. I had to have the powdered mix not the syrup.  The chocolate powder seemed to add that extra “chocoholic-cious-ness.”


So I know that I do come with a somewhat weird chocolate palette. Even now, I have more tactile-texture than taste reactions to some food. So a good chocolate for me can be ruined by putting a raisin in it. Like I said weird.  All this is to say that I am not a chocolate expert, but I am a chocolate explorer and lover.

Of course, chocolate blogs run the same gambit as other blogs. And I am just as picky about venturing into certain blogs as I am with textures and chocolate. Generally, I like uncluttered and organized blogs– Recipes with only a few nice photos and well written list of ingredients and how to.  I know people like to share the kitchen adventure they had, or the discovery of the recipe, and of course there are those who share more heart-felt messages with the recipe allll the way at the end. I am a Scrooge when it comes to these. I know that goes against the very nature of blogs. I am just as guilty, but I am highly impatient for the recipe, especially when it has to do with chocolate.

Now, there are the accessible blogs that contain recipes for the everyday cook, such as I, that have ingredients I can find in the Northwest Arkansas Region.

I found dyingforchocolate useful not only because of all the chocolate recipes, but it had a useful top 50 chocolate blogs listed. Janet Rudolph the creator behind the dyingforchocolat has been a judge for the San Francisco Chocolate Salon for the past two years, so I felt pretty good diving into this site.

Then there are the gourmet sites that are indulgent just to read. Chocablog is an international site.    Of course these recipes use grams, so be ready to convert. The site has some surprisingly easy recipes to follow and the ingredients were not so unusual that I wouldn’t be able to find them. Of course further digging and there are specialty chocolates but considering it is an international site this didn’t come as a surprise.

Chocablog has along with an extensive list of chocolate recipes, Reviews of places if you are in Paris or London. Nice. It also has an Event tab so if you are say a world traveler and want to hit several chocolate festivals along the way then this can help you plan. It is truly a world of chocolate.

There are many-many more chocolate blogs out there. It really is like being a kid in a candy store looking and picking out what seems best. And like that kid, it is exciting and a treat to discover new tastes but it is also comforting to find a familiar taste. I find chocolate is more comforting than not, and the journey sure is delicious.


What are your thoughts?

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