Kitchen Simplicity

Mouthwatering food blog: Get your Palate Ready

“Real food doesn’t need to be complicated.

I found this gem of a blog via Pinterest. I came for the Brussels Sprout Bacon Fettuccine but stayed for and browsed the wonderful recipe index.

The blog goes right to heart of why I was there in the first place—the recipe. Ms. Cheri’s philosophy is seen not only in her recipes of “quick and wholesome” food but her no-nonsense layout.  The pattern with her recipes is the same and much appreciated: Photograph, brief and personable paragraphs, recipe, and numbered instructions and then followed by comments which on their own are also pretty entertaining if you have the time to read them. Ms. Cheri is diligent and helpful in her responses.

The recipe index has an easy access layout. Headers in alphabetical order with a series of photographs that lead you into a wonderful food library: Appetizers, Beverages, Bread, Breakfast, Classics, Condiments, Dairy Free, Dessert, Gluten Free, Holidays, Homemade, Kids, Lunch, Main Dish, Processed Sugar Free Treat, Sides, and Snacks. Of course there is a handy “search” feature if you don’t want to browse.

The Brussels Sprout Bacon Fettuccine starts with a lovely photograph. A plate centered with a pile of luscious pasta with only a light blue drinking glass and a small purple container blurred in the background. There is no need for a series of 10 shots. Personally, I don’t want a shot of pasta boiling in the water. I realize many are more artistic than I, and I enjoy photography, but I also came here for the recipe not someone’s hands chopping up a series of veggies. If I want to see the chopping, mixing, baking, then there are plenty of videos, channels and programs that will do. I also like that she uses accessible kitchen items. I don’t feel as if I need to purchase my utensils from the Pottery Barn or Williams-Sonoma.

Ms. Cheri then follows the photograph with a brief two paragraphs about the Brussels Sprout dish and its main ingredients. She has an endearing writing style that makes you feel right home without a lot of brouhaha. The ingredient and instruction list are simple —anyone could work with this straight forward approach or as she puts it “as stress-free as possible.”

Of course there are always dissenting comments of too bland looking; this doesn’t taste like what I want, and I don’t do it this way.”If anyone is looking for an unpretentious approach to cooking good food, then I would say start with Ms. Cheri’s Kitchen Simplicity.

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