I don’t have expensive kitchen appliances or kitchen extras. I never have because, well, I didn’t and don’t have the money. My kitchen materials come from –Dollar General, or starter kits from WalMart OR some of my favorite are from Helping Hands or Goodwill.  I am not in my twenties, but I do have a better collection than say when I was 25.  When I married, we didn’t ask people to buy expensive items for the kitchen. We had enough between us to cook all that we needed.

I do love to cook and watch cooking shows and read about recipes, but there is no way I have access to some of the ingredients or the nice tools they use. 

I watched my grandmother cook in her small kitchen in Eureka Springs with just the barest of tools and food that usually came from churches and food pantries. She managed to create wonderful dishes. Now, my grandmother was the head cook for the Crescent Hotel for years, so it wasn’t like she didn’t ever use special kitchen tools, but she didn’t have to.

I was watching Julia Child’s one day on the Food Network. It was from the early 80’s, so it didn’t have all the slick value that the shows today have. Her utensils looked used. They didn’t look like product placement. The towel she had hanging on her waist band was also looking like a well-used item.  It reminded of my watching my grandmother cook (of course this day Julia was doing roasted chicken of sorts, nothing French.)

Her know how trumped all the utensils. I personally let all the decoration get in the way of just the knowledge. I think, “I can’t do that—I only have a run of the mill mixer!” I want to cook things that are simple and require simple ingredients and most importantly, not a lot of kitchen brouhaha. I hope to find and gain knowledge AND to be willing to laugh at myself and my inepti*food.


What are your thoughts?

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