Music, milkshakes, poems, and dog haiku

Since November, it has been a very strange season--a good season of discovery but strange nonetheless. Since our visit to Mayo and experiencing what I called A Season of Magic and Miracles,  it has been a new season of health and really taking each day as it comes. We have learned to take pleasure in... Continue Reading →



If you haven’t heard, Christmas is coming. I keep hearing the countdown days, and I am filled with dread and delight.  Finding my holiday legs has been difficult since my dad and grandmother passed away. Thanksgiving hasn’t been as big an adjustment. Thankfully, my husband’s family is also close by, and they are more than... Continue Reading →

A Season of Magic and Miracles

After 11 days of a busy roster of tests and doctor visits at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, we have a diagnosis, treatment, and medicine. Not Magic or a miracle. No instant healing. Good medicine, and support of family and friends. The magic and the miracle was finding ourselves amid this stream of faces-- some... Continue Reading →

Audience of One

An Audience of One: The role of your lifetime One of the simplest but most empowering messages I heard from my Pastor was years ago, “As you go out into your day, into your week, into your life, remember you live only for an audience of One and the rest will fall into place.” Seems... Continue Reading →


It has started. Put on your best party pumpkin face and dig in. My inbox has been filled with ideas of cooking, carving,  and displaying all things pumpkin. So, to share the pumpkin wave, here are a few of what I thought were pretty tempting foodie pumpkin*isms. Also, great new sites to explore and enjoy.... Continue Reading →

FBI, Jesus, and Elvis

When I was five, my mom convinced me that between the FBI and Jesus, our family didn’t stand a chance. She explained how she knew the house was bugged and could hear the whispers, and Jesus told her personally that she was the only one He really trusted. The rest of us had a lot... Continue Reading →

Asleep while Living

Embrace your story. Own your journey.  We all hear the catch phrases of truth or read them every day on social media.  It speaks to our soul. Then we try  to live the simple phrase each and every day and here is the difficulty-- Do we really know our story or our journey? At 47,... Continue Reading →

Seven Days. Seven Black and White Photos

Seven days, seven black and white photos of your life. No people. No explanation. This is the current challenge floating on Facebook. I happily accepted. (You are to challenge others each time you post as well. I haven't, but I really do challenge/encourage anyone to do this. Even on a blog) I have long been... Continue Reading →

Have We Lost the Spirit of Adventure?

Can you imagine anyone heading out today like a Lewis and Clark?  Gone for 3 years and traveling 8,000 mi. without the high tech equipment and guidance systems. What about a knight and his quest for the Holy Grail?  Are we less independent than past generations because of all the technology and safety nets? Have... Continue Reading →

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