Hitting the Cookbooks

Looking for cookbooks that are unique and not a celebrity driven machine??  I may be of help. I love cookbooks and recipe cards (handwritten).  I should qualify that I really love old cookbooks.  I have a small but odd collection that spans from my grandmother’s Methodist Church in Cherokee Village to a 1930's cookbook.  I … Continue reading Hitting the Cookbooks

Must Try Soups!

I love soup. Clear or thick, vegetable or with meat, hot or cold, sweet or sour, soup could be one of the best dish at the table. We serve the soup after appetizers. I made a list with my favorite soups. Lobster bisque – Bisque is a French soup very smooth, creamy and highly seasoned, … Continue reading Must Try Soups!

Trying to Unhear

Finally, the rain stopped and the sun came out. I can now take a walk during lunch and enjoy being outside. I work on a college campus, so a walk down streets or across campus is simple enough: Not a lot of traffic to navigate, trees, lawns, sidewalks and most students are also walking or … Continue reading Trying to Unhear

National Poetry Month: II Poetry Contest

Inspire For A Better Life

It is National Poetry month!!! We Are All The Same Project invites you to participate in our II Poetry Contest. Let’s express our feelings thru art, send messages to the World thru words. Click here to submit your poem.


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Dreamed Up: Flying and Robin Williams

This isn’t about dreams of you know the future or successes. Like I dream of retiring here or there, or investing, or dreams for my kid or grand kids, or dreams of a big career. No. this is about those nightly visions that bubble up and reveal our psyche. My favorite recurring dream has been … Continue reading Dreamed Up: Flying and Robin Williams

As we are celebrating Passover and approach Easter, I find myself remembering our trip to Israel in the Summer of 2014. It was one of those once in a lifetime trips. It profoundly shifted my perspective and reminds me how very small we are in history, but how very special our relationship with God can … Continue reading Picturing the Holy Land on Holy Days

Picturing the Holy Land on Holy Days

Passover into Easter: Food and Family

I will celebrate Passover with my husband and in-laws Monday and Tuesday night. I love the tradition even though I am Christian and find so much to center me on Faith. The evening is long but fulfilling. I think the bridge of Passover into Easter is represented in our blended inter-faith family not only as … Continue reading Passover into Easter: Food and Family